weaven triptych

loxiale architecture work in progress AFA agency
work in progress in AFA Agency - Paris

Work in progress

Work in collaboration with Anna STEPHANI At the AFA architecture agency.

Tailor-made wall art for open Office space of the agency,

a module of 3 rooms articulates on a wall full and glazed.

The first panel offers an alternative to  window wticker .

The weaving, by the diffusion of the color, the thickness of the threads, and the tightening of the weft, Offers a gradient between opacity and transparency.

This light and chromatic diffusion is echoed in the treatment of the other 2 panels that are placed on a solid wall.

loxiale triptyque tissage architecture
travail en cours
tissage art mural textile architecture tissage design loxiale
weaving the firts pannel 120 cm x 280 cm - linen/ non violent silk / hemp - dyed on thread traditional Indigo