The Paris Brest by Christian Lesquer

le paris brest loxiale christian Lesquer
Picture Thomas Pellan

For the new restaurant at the Rennes train station, whose menu is signed by a starred chef, the Loxiale workshop is in charge of making the outfits for the team of waiters and waitresses.

Thanks to the different skills of the studio, an eco-responsible outfit composed is designed in coherence with the setting of this new space, conceived by the designer Patrick Jouin of the Jouin Manku agency.

CORK : the link between the wine art and the design of the approns
loxiale block print logo resaurant label natural dye Le paris brest christian lesquer gastronomy french
Block Print - ancestral Technique with natural dye eco friendly -for the Label of the restaurant realized in the studio in little Britany

Anchored in the history of Brittany, Loxiale interprets the cachou dye, historically used in the treatment of boat sails. Here is a label version with the logo of the restaurant on the apron Label and on the tee-shirt

le paris brest Loxiale Label Block print gastronomy french natural dye eco friendly luxury design eco design save the planet
block print Le paris Brest
Picture Thomas Pellan

To shape the apron, Loxiale invites a leatherworker who adapts his technique to the cork materials for the assembly process. Philippe LEBLED - "L'abri du cuir " Detail in adornment of a brass ring was shaped in the wrought of Mathieu David, in Rennes.

partners on the project


– David Amar (agence nous sommes le futur):
making sure to work with a positive impact, David offers abundance beyond sustainability

– Michel Garcia (atelier Plantes et Couleurs):
by applying ancestral know-how, Michel adapts his technique as a color chemist to modern needs.

david Amar Nous sommes le futur Agency
Plantes et couleurs Michel Garcia Laboratory
Lucile DROUET Loxiale CHrisitan Lesquer CHef 3 Etoiles le Paris Brest Le Georges V Paris Photo Thomas Pellan design Patrick Jouin
Chief Christian Lesquer - Lucile Drouet Picture Thomas Pellan