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The Loxiale workshop, founded in 2014 by Lucile Drouet, manufactures and ennobles textile materials.

Exceptional materials respectful of the environment

lucile DROUET eco designer

the founder

“What I love is that the materials I produce resonate with the creativity of a project.”

Lucile Drouet is an artist, sound weaver and textile designer. She is the founder of the Loxiale studio.
Inspired by nature, and the connection with the environment, she works as a researcher and explorer to give presence to vibration, rhythm and movement in textiles. She uses natural materials and dyes.

A background in art, architecture, textiles, stage costume and fashion, anchors Lucile DROUET’s textile vision in a resolutely transversal expression.

Since 2008, she collaborates with professionals (Patrick Jouin, Christian Lesquer, Le Louvre, Dior, Christian Lacroix, Balenciaga, Chanel, Viktor&Rolf, Léa Peckre etc… ) and individuals as an artist, craftswoman, textile designer.

It is the encounter with weaving in 2014 that sets the tone for the creation of the workshop Loxiale.

loxiale weaving eco fashion sustainable luxury silk linen indigo hand made in france

“Lucile’s work unfolds flexibly through weaving, intertwining, attaching, forming a mobile organism without limits and in the process of becoming. Close to the plant by the materials used, but also by the contribution of the nuances of the indigo and the other vegetable colors, it evolves by soft growth, by sensitive, slow movements, related to the long time of the reflection and the material implementation. Her work manifests a passage from rough protective material to softness glossed by the color. Cadences are created by the articulations of the dimensions creating shades and lights, rhythmically linked to the weaving and the links.

Montaine Bongrand. Restorer of Textile Heritage