the studio


The Loxiale workshop, founded in 2014 by Lucile Drouet, manufactures and ennobles textile materials.

We create for you a tailor-made textile work shaped by your identity,

the all process is a powerfull act driven by the balance of the environment

Series or unique pieces, for clothing, home, and music.

The workshop is equipped with two traditional looms, cutting and confectionery equipment, a dyeing and printing station for plant chemistry. The printing tools are custom built.
For its customers, the workshop produces colors and materials in response to a specific need.
With the tools and know-how of a model maker, the workshop can
produce unique pieces, and limited series.

indigo color natural plant organic dye loxiale
bloxk print traditionnel lucile drouet loxiale indiennes impression ecologique organic print

the founder

“What I like is that the materials I produce come into resonance with someone’s creativity. My desire is to understand and mobilize the tools that articulate quality and eco-responsibility »

A studing path of  art, architecture, stage and fashion costumes,

anchors the textile vision of Lucile DROUET in a resolutely transversal expression.

Since 2008, she collaborates with fashion houses as a designer textile and model maker.

It is the meeting with weaving in 2014 that sets the tone for the creation of the Loxiale workshop.

lucile DROUET eco designer

the will

The constant desire to create in the respect of the environment in a large way, works like a guideline which dialogues with the requirement of quality.
The color ranges are developed in the laboratory, and the workshop collaborates continuously with professionals and enthusiasts who work to develop innovative and creative solutions.

loxiale weaving eco fashion sustainable luxury silk linen indigo hand made in france