WOven Tryptich

picture Clitous Bramble

Work with the interior designer Anna STEFANI within the architecture agency AFA.

Made to measure for the open space of the agency’s headquarters, a module of 3 rooms is articulated on a full and glazed wall.

Here is the woven triptych realized for AFA’s office in collaboration with the interior designer Anna Maria STEPHANI. The purpose of these 3 wall panels is to offer a device integrating the dressing of an opaque wall and a translucent wall.

For the opaque wall, a weaving of cork in blue gradation was placed on the wall previously covered with plain cork.

For the translucent wall, a weaving in linen, hemp silk and cork was made. It is by playing with the placement of the threads of weft and with the indigo color that the translucency was distributed. During the research, we found that it is the white parts, not dyed that are the most obscuring. We have worked a gradient of blue at the top and bottom to allow privacy in the center at the level of the eyes in a standing or sitting position, on each side of the glass wall.


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Picture Clitous Bramble
afa loxiale vitrophanie tryptique
images Clitous Bramble
tissage art mural textile architecture tissage design loxiale
Tissage du premier panneau 120 cm x 280 cm - Lin/soie non violente/chanvre - Teinture sur fil Indigo traditionnel